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3 Reasons Irish Businesses Choose Xero Accounting as their Financial Software

Xero accounting is becoming increasingly popular for businesses throughout Ireland for a variety of reasons. This article will look at some of the reasons why accounting professionals are recommending this software for clients. 

Financial professionals recommend Xero Accounting Software to their clients because:

  1. Is the best account for small businesses in Ireland
  2. A company with a sustainable global ecosystem is what the current generation of startups are looking for. They combine innovation and an established website. This combination allows them to remain relevant in the market.
  3. It can be used to improve our client’s overall business workflow

Ease of use beats functionality 9 times out of 10

Let’s be honest, at some point almost any IT system will have something missing or not quite working how you want. There is no perfect software, but this is the best on the market. Don’t focus too much on features, which are often distracting in a business. It’s important that any system you implement is easy to use and will also be able to run smoothly without lots of effort on your part.

Easy to use systems tend to:

  • Be used properly with fewer errors.
  • Let your employees maintain the flexibility and efficiency that makes up your business, without requiring too much time or costly training.
  • Improve your staff satisfaction.

A common concern with Xero Accounting Software for the Irish market is that it doesn’t have a VAT reporting feature specific to Ireland. Obviously, if this were to happen, it would be much better. However, using a quick workaround the relevant VAT report can be generated correctly. Basically, VAT reporting is a minor inconvenience rather than a reason to not use the system.

Xero accounting software is relatively easy for new users to learn. The user interface is clear and laid out, making it a good choice for both beginners and advanced users alike. Xero is easy to use, comprehensively teaches you how everything works and has great support for documentation and training. This makes it more likely to be sooner adopted by your clients as well.

Xero Accounting

Nowadays, when companies have a multinational presence, it might seem harder to figure out both the best system for the company and whether there are any negative aspects about using a particular system. Here are some questions that can help you find what the best system is for your business.

1.Will this company still be around in 2/3 years, or will it be gone?

2. Has this company mentioned any new features for this system that are planned for the future?

On both fronts, Xero Accounting Software stacks up well- they are a global company and they are listed on the stock market with over 2 million customers.  And they have driven innovation in accounting systems for SMEs globally. While Sage and Quickbooks are big businesses, they have been behind Xero in terms of their SaaS (Software as a Service) accounting products.

For a while, both Xero and Quickbooks have been developing improvements of the multiple accounting programs they offer. Yet, each company may have to focus their development towards one quickly.

In summary, Xero offers a host of services that facilitate its customers’ accounting needs, despite being a global company. The software includes features that allow for innovative and improved workflows, which is always beneficial for bigger businesses.

Improving Your Business Workflow Through Xero Accounting Software

Business in general has become increasingly complex, and we all know that the company that “crosses the finish line” first will come out on top. That’s why having a robust workflow management system is so important to your business.

Xero is not a project management system. It’s not made to hold inventory or run your e-commerce store (but also doesn’t perform these functions either). It is designed to connect easily with other apps and be the easiest accounting system.

Consider what your business does as a set of processes.

  • Have you been looking for a way to improve your cash flow? Xero Accounts Software can help by linking your invoices to Stripe and GoCardless.
  • If you are running a business with a consultative element and need invoices automatically created, then you should use Harvest. It is an easy-to-use solution that can easily automate the process so you don’t have to do it manually. You’ll also be able to track profitability.
  • Are you an online business owner? Shopify or Magento can’t track your sales for you. You might use a third-party service like BigCommerce or Etsy to keep a track on things.
  • Want a custom workflow that links to your accounting software, such as Xero? Connecting through their open API means you can build this easily with the help of other clients in the past.

At present Xero accounting software connects to 1,000+ other cloud systems.  This allows you to run the best system for your core business, while connecting to an easy-to-use, constantly improving accounting system for your back office.


How aperio can help

With the right software, Xero can connect different systems that manage your business. You’ll be able to build much better processes in a more scalable way, providing excellent value for money.

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