What is a Daily Scrum and Why Does it Matter?

A good way to stay motivated is to hold a daily scrum. A meeting with your team that lasts no more than 15 minutes can make all the difference.

Removing Impediments to Progress

The Daily Scrum uncovers and resolves any obstacles to progress. This is colloquially referred to as “getting the scrum” and is not for making complaints. The Daily Scrum allows everyone on the team to answer what’s holding them back from completing their tasks today.

The first step is to assess where the project stands in the context of its goals. Are they making progress today and gaining ground over yesterday? Have they completed what they set out to do each day? Is anything blocking their path forward?

If a team member says no to any progress, the team must adapt its tasks so that it can meet monthly goals. What projects can be put on hold until the team catches up with its monthly goals? What troubleshooting needs to happen?

A common question that we should all be asking each other during the Daily Scrum. Make sure to ask for other people’s help in moving the project forward. We need to figure out how to adjust the plan and what needs to happen ahead of tomorrow’s Daily Scrum.

When does the Daily Scrum take place?

Every day, the scrum is held at the same time and goes for 15 minutes. It’s important that team members get into this routine so they can keep things short and to-the-point every day

Why are Daily Scrum meetings called Stand-Ups?

The Daily Scrum meeting is typically facilitated by team members standing up at the desks in the room.

Who leads Daily Scrum meetings?

No one. The team self-facilitates and moves forward after the meeting. Someone takes note on to-do list, on-hold list or completed list. The Daily Scrum is a team meeting that offers a forum for discussing potential issues. If a problem arises, the team hopes to be able to solve it by the end of the meeting.

Where is the Scrum Master during the Daily Scrum?

A scrum master’s roles and responsibilities are fairly flexible and vary from one organisation to the next. They usually do anything from facilitating Scrum meetings to ensuring that work items move through the sprint cycle.

What is the Daily Scrum NOT?

The daily scrum is not a status meeting. Its purpose is to make sure everyone stays on top of things and helps teammates stay on the right track with a project goal.

It’s not a meeting gripe about anyone or lay blame for someone’s lack of progress. Daily Scrum meetings are about how the team, not the individual, can move forward.

Tips for Daily Scrum Meetings

Make the sessions short, preferably at 15 minutes or less. Everyone should answer the three questions as briefly as possible. If there are any impediments to the team’s progress, people should plainly state it.

The Daily Scrum is an opportunity for the team to stay on track for meeting their goals. However, you should never forget that any team member can bring up impediments at any time. This can be done during a different meeting or in person with the project manager and project stakeholder.

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